Applied Experimental Research in Structural Engineering

Thanks to Dr. David Dinehart of Villanova University for his presentation on large scale load tests and product-specific research!

The presentation focused on joist-manufacturer-commissioned tests for a new bar joist design with stout end panels.  The stout end panels are intended to provide better ductility during overload conditions (i.e. Snow Load.  The NE region can probably relate with all the snow they have received this year!).

Dr. Dinehart also described the extensive planning and monitoring that goes into each test, even explaining some "oops" moments that they have learned from including a wood deflector block that exploded under pressure and a defective end plate that tore its interlayers under tension.

Some Villanova students were in attendance and the work in their work in the lab was highlighted.  

Thanks again to Dr. Dinehart for his great presentation!